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CA6DK1-National V

Advanced technology, easy maintenance, and better anti-fatigue performance.

CA6DK1-National V
  • Technical Features
  • Technical Parameters
Technical Features

It’s quality is equivalent to Mercedes-Benz and Cummins, and it is the mainstream 7-liter diesel engine in Europe.

Originated from Volvo, the basic product has been tested in the European market, featuring mature technology, excellent performance and stable quality.

It is the first in China to promise oil change interval of 50,000 km, and warranty period of 36 months with unlimited mileage for medium and quasi-heavy-duty engines.

With high-pressure common rail (DCR) technology, it greatly improves the reliability of the whole machine and effectively reduces noise.

The high-strength cylinder block and full cooling water jacket enables low oil consumption, high cooling efficiency and better reliability.

The cylinder head is made of high-strength alloy cast iron for better anti-fatigue and durability.

The vertical high pressure fuel inlet tube will not leak during long-term operation, which is very reliable.

It uses single row gear system and multi-ribbed belt, for low noise, high strength and high reliability.

With Linkage of advanced technology and extruded thread technology, it has high strength and good reliability.

Integrated filter and cooling device, featuring advanced technology and easy maintenance.

The cylinder head cover is made of polymer composite materials, which has beautiful appearance.

Technical Parameters
Engine modelCA6DK1-24E5CA6DK1-26E5
Air suctionSupercharged inter cooling
Fuel deliveryElectronic common rail system
Cylinder bore × stroke (mm)108×130
Displacement (L)7.2
Valves per cylinder4
Max net power/RPM (kw/r/min)177/2300 192/2300206/2300236/2300 
Max net torque/RPM  (N·m/r/min)1000/1200-17001050/1200-17001100/1200-17001200/1200-1700
Emission standardNational V for Heavy duty vehicleNational V for Heavy duty vehicle/urban vehicleNational V for Heavy duty vehicle/urban vehicleNational V for Heavy duty vehicle/urban vehicle
Exhaust after-treatment technologySCR
Applicable range6×2, 8×4 cargo truck; 4×2, 8×4 dump truck; 4x2 tractor truck, car carrier; 10-11m bus