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CA4DK1-National V

More fuel-efficient, reliable and comfortable

CA4DK1-National V
  • Technical Features
  • Technical Parameters
Technical Features

More fuel-efficient

It adopts tandem air duct and parallel four valves, and 1800-2000bar high pressure common rail system, which effectively improves fuel economy and can save more fuel (1-2L per 100 kilometers) than similar homemade products. 

More Reliable

With advanced linkage, multi-ribbed belt, and single-row gear system, its reliability is improved by 20%.

It adopts FAW's independently-developed aftertreatment system, which has simple structure and high reliability, and the average mileage for overhaul is up to 1 million kilometers.

More powerful

The torque at 1000 rpm reaches 620 N.m, which enables easy start and quick throttle response.

Low speed torque is 15%-20% higher than similar products in China.

More comfortable

The noise reduction design consists of a built-in fuel pump and a single-row gear system, which can effectively reduce noise.

It’s noise is 1~2 decibels lower than that of similar products.

More worry-free

With warranty period of 36 months and unlimited mileage, and oil change interval of 50,000 km; complete service and spare parts network, sufficient inventory of spare parts, and average service reach of less than 60 kilometers.

Technical Parameters
Engine modelCA4DK1-14E5CA4DK1-16E5
Air suctionSupercharged inter cooling
Fuel deliveryElectronic common rail system
Cylinder bore × stroke (mm)108×130
Displacement (L)4.8
Valves per cylinder4
Max net power/RPM (kw/r/min)103/2300 118/2300136/2300147/2300 162/2300 
Max net torque/RPM  (N·m/r/min)580/1200-1700 650/1200-1700720/1200-1700780/1200-1700820/1200-1700
Emission standardNational V for Heavy duty vehicleNational V for Heavy duty vehicle/urban vehicleNational V for Heavy duty vehicle/urban vehicleNational V for Heavy duty vehicle/urban vehicleNational V for Heavy duty vehicle/urban vehicle
Exhaust after-treatment technologySCR
Applicable range4×2, 6×2 cargo truck, dump truck, 8-9m bus