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Service Purposes
Service Purposes
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While pursuing excellence, FAW Jiefang Dalian Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. pays more attention to the all-round support for the profitability of our customers.

The company has set up 33 management departments for the service work in each region in China and has 50 service vehicles, 950 service outlets for on-road engine products based on FAW Group’s service network, 215 independent off-road service outlets, 22 spare parts warehouses, and more than 100 spare parts dealers; and the company has also set up service offices in 8 countries including Russia and Vietnam to conduct services worldwide.

The company implements “3S” services worldwide, and implements “all-round” services, i.e. pre-sales, during-sales and after-sales services, for automobile/equipment factories, dealers, service stations and end users.

With the first 24-hour service hotline (4008179777, former number 8008909899) in the industry, and service information systems like EIP system, TDS online claim system, online training system, mobile APP, remote fault diagnosis and repair system, WeChat communication platform, etc., the company ensures the timely, effective and fast delivery of internal and external information, the normal operation of service activities, and communication with the users at any time, conveniently providing customers technical data, fault guidance, fault repair, maintenance tracking, service appointment, and spare parts information;

The company quantificats the timeliness of services by “user waiting time”, and minimizes "user waiting time" in terms of four stages: arrival on user’s job site, fault diagnosis, spare parts delivery, and fault repair. In recent years, the company's service timeliness is over 99%.

The company has set up rapid response service teams led by senior technicians for  emergency rescue services at any time, and sudden problems of users that can not be solved by the service station; When receiving the user’s request, the service team will arrive at the user’s in 6 hours within 200 km (except in remote areas), with 24-hour spare parts distribution by air, sea, land; The company’s service technicians and service outlets also provide users with 24 hour rescue services.

For the product launch phase and product application areas (on-road: medium and heavy duty trucks, buses, light vehicles, pickup trucks/SUVs and; off-road: loaders, excavators, compactors, forklift trucks, air compressors, generator sets, trailer pumps, etc.), the company adopts service models like “Full-time Account Manager” and “Headquarters Responsible System”; and for special customers (large accounts in the field of military vehicles, public transportation, petrochemicals, logistics companies, etc.) , the company also sets up special service stations, and specially-assigned staff for services; and for agricultural machinery (harvesters, tractors) , the company provides follow-up services during the busy season, thus the company is able to provide "all-area" services for customers of both on-road and off-road fields.

The company provides services during the full life cycle of engine products, and guarantees the supply of spare parts for 10 years after the products are withdrawn from the market, and provides free services during the warranty period for product quality related issues.

FAW Jiefang Dalian Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. provides world-class engine products and “360 day/24 hour” services, and will provide customers perfect power solutions with international and professional service concepts and practices.