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SINCE 1951

FAW Jiefang Dalian Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is located in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in North China.

Began as the Lvda Machinery & Hardware Factory which was founded in 1951, the company has undergone major changes, from joining FAW Group, joint operation, to joining the FAW Jiefang Engine Division, and has gained significant development.

The company actively promotes product upgrade for more energetic business development. With leading R&D capabilities and a first-class R&D system in the world, the company inherits the scientific and rigorous genes of German quality, and leads China's power industry towards European standards. And the company will produce ultimate high-end engine products based on cutting-edge Germany engine technology.With five major product series (3L, 4L, 5L, 6L, 7L ), ranged from 50hp to 320 hp, featuring outstanding advantages like advanced technology, high efficiency and reliability, energy-saving, environment friendly, etc., our products have become the optimal choice for various kinds of light and medium duty trucks, light vehicles, passenger cars, and construction machinery, and has entered the international market.

The company is accelerating the improvement of its manufacturing technology, and will greatly improve product quality. The company has a world-class manufacturing system, and fully adopts the international leading digital manufacturing system, consisting of LANDIS grinding machine (UK), IMPCO polishing machine(America), HELLER machining center(Germany), CROSS-HUELLER automatic production line(Germany) and ABB assembly line(Sweden), as well as leading technologies like the SIEMENS tool monitoring technology, HOMMEI online testing technology, ABB error prevention technology, etc., and has achieved the perfect unity of production efficiency and product quality. Fully adopting world-class standards for machine recognition and component development, the company has realized whole process quality control, from product design to manufacturing, which ensures that our product quality reaches European level.

The company continuously enhances its marketing services and has become a major player in the market. Based on products of international advanced level and “360 day/24 hour” services, the company has established unparalleled advantages, i.e. high load bearing capacity, high stability, excellent services and low consumption. With overall advantages in products and services, we will fully improve the vehicles’ price performance ratio and market competitiveness for our customers and maximize their profitability.

With advanced culture, the company constantly improves quality and efficiency, and has strong power for future development. The company adheres to the mission of “customer satisfaction, employee happiness, and value appreciation for our shareholders”, implements the core development strategies of“leading technology, leading quality, cost optimization, marketing innovation, and green development”, and is committed to manufacturing reliable products and building a proud company. The company will fully meet the diversified needs of our customers both at home and abroad, lead the mainstream market, and promote China's independent commercial vehicles brands and construction machinery brands to international markets.

Adhering to the concept of "national brand, high-end power", the company is drawing up a new blueprint for the new era.